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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Obituaries From Other Worlds
No. 2

Harateo Kallay, who has died in Heka aged 89, was private secretary to his father Juure Kallay, the Ro’akite prime minister during the two years before the Alliance of the Blue Flame seized control of Ro’aka in the Year of Ascendant Spirits.

The Kurian ministry had been formed with the aim of drawing away from the ever more menacing Vurites, who demanded the passing of anti-Tellurite laws and the dispatch of Ro’akite troops to the Eastern Front.

At 26 Harateo found himself being sent on several secret missions, including one to tell Sir Hughe Kleepoint, the Borean ambassador in De-fia, that Ro’aka would come over to the Allies as soon as their troops arrived on its border.

On the train south Harateo met the Vurite Ambassador to De-fia’s daughter, with whom he had once opened the Vonn New Year Opera Ball, and was invited to stay at the embassy - perfect cover for his mission.

But when he eventually met Kleepoint in a boat on the river Tet it was clear that Ro’aka was low among the Allies' priorities.
Eventually the Vurites were so exasperated by the combination of the Notoist surrender to the Allies and the Ro’akite tardiness in handing over Tellurites that they marched in on the 19th day of Temple Observance in the year of Ascending Spirits.

Kurian immediately ordered the burning of archives, and Harateo spent the entire night warning opposition party members and Tellurite representatives.
Early the following morning he answered the door to find an Extraordinary Commissariat man waiting with an armoured elaphant to escort his father to the Vurite commander.

With his wife and three sons the prime minister slipped out of their residence, using a secret tunnel leading to the steps up to the Regent's palace.
Although the Regent, Admiral Hoy, ignored Kurian’s strong advice that he resign, he offered the family his protection.

But, aware that the Vurites regarded him as the Ro’akite "evil genius", Kurian instead took up an offer of asylum from the De-fia ambassador.
For the next eight months he remained at the embassy, surrounded by Vurite armoured cars, while Harateo was interned with his wife and small son.
Harateo received several mysterious approaches, one from a man claiming to be a Borean secret agent, and another from a well-wisher who delivered an anonymous gift of 6,000 silver talents.

He was freed to live in a family house in the country, then returned to Heka, where he evaded the Vurites and then the Cold Ones by moving around the city dressed as a devotee of Koantir; once, when a woman dropped to her knees to ask for his blessing, he gave it.
When, after the war, it became clear that Ro’aka was falling to the Cold Ones, he escaped with his wife and son to Vonn.

But the Boreans and Westmarchers in the Control Commission refused him permits to travel to the Desert Kingdoms, and he had to obtain them from the Furites in order to reach Capueo, where his father was now under house arrest.
Harateo Vasn Kurian was born on the 7th day of the Month of Shelter in the Year of Turning Fortune at Ugyhaza, in eastern Ro’aka, where the family had held lands for more than 1,000 years.

He went to school locally and then in Heka, when his father was appointed minister of agriculture. Later he studied at the Konsular Academy in Vonn and at a journalism school in Li Han, before entering the Ro’akite Foreign Office in the Year of the Journey From the Mountains.
After a brief appointment as a commercial counsellor in Furen, he was summoned home by his father.
After the war Harateo helped his father to write a book which laid out the government's record before ending with a graphic account of Kurian’s imprisonment.
But when his father went to the Westmarch to head a government-in-exile, Harateo elected to remain in the Desert Kingdoms. At first life was a struggle; but, with his five languages, diplomatic education and diploma in Viniculture, he became secretary-general of the Agricultural League.

He set up an office for Ro’akite refugees and headed the Alliance to Oppose the Cold Ones, representing the occupied countries.
As a Knight of the Rock he became secretary of the order's embassy to the Great Temple at Dasie, where he eventually became councillor, and then ambassador and deputy dean, of the Diplomatic Corps.
At the Ro’akite rising of the Year of Flight Harateo Kurian moved to Vonn to organise accommodation, food and papers for escapees, using money subscribed by Knights of the Rock from around the world.

With the fall of the Cold Ones 33 years later, the incoming Ro’akite government sounded him out about becoming president, but the political nature of the post led him to decline.
In the Year of Guardians, he and his wife, Vea, with whom he had two sons, returned to Heka, where he died.

There were not many old friends around, and he was highly critical of Zef Ruuko’s government's refusal to return to landlords their confiscated property.
Nevertheless he used his fortune to buy back small parcels of land and woods, and considered his greatest achievement the establishment of a Kurian Museum as a memorial to the family at Ugyhaza.


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