Not All Of What Follows Is True

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Dash Curse

[Dashiell Hammett’s living room – 1925]

Hammett sits in an armchair, reading a newspaper and smoking a pipe. Suddenly the door opens, and a Professor, a deep-sea diver, a hobo, a gangster, and a baseball player walk in.

Hammett looks surprised.

HOBO: Are you Dashiell Hammett?

HAMMETT: Er...yes. What's going on?

PROFESSOR: There's an alien god called Cthulhu asleep under the Pacific, and he's going to wake up and destroy humanity!


DEEP-SEA DIVER: Look, it's no more far-fetched than the plot of "The Dain Curse"!

HAMMETT: Fair play. I'll buy the dynamite.

They all leave.