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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Median Words Of Stephen O'Brien

Really? His picture wasn't on that pack of cards...Another vote for "stay". Good to know. The Difference Engine. But, thinking about a previous thread, is she a rampant lesbian? Damn you! Damn you all to hell! Where do you recall it from? Known in some parts of the country as "a fine".

"Ur" is a shorthand for "primal". And I thought "What, they've given Bruce Forsythe another show..." are this guy's records legally on sale here? Because surely they are an incitement to violence? It can't be a middle-class romantic "comedy". It's a bit late for that. Which may change, depending on what any Arafat-successor says in his initial statements.

That's not politics, that's a national sport. He destroyed the Imperial Dalek fleet, at least. Austro-Hungarian Archduke, in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. That satisfies me. Thank you! It’s an old heraldic device. Similar to a "lion rampant". I got the impression that he was seen fairly often backstage, and that people just seemed to accept it. Not since the 17th Century. This I am broadly with you on. If I had any money, I would give it to you, just for that. You must be in the wrong place. Granted. I've no time for those people either. Kerry. Assuming that there are no constraints upon Roman expansion. Which there are. They can break a man's arm, you know.

No, wait - that's swans. But it is a reason not to arm-wrestle a swan. Just out of interest, are you reading it as poetry or one of the prose versions? I'm sure I could say something wonderfully satirical about both candidates polling well with inanimate objects. But I won't. I think everyone's asking those questions at the moment. I'll see if I can revive the West Indian Regiment. Ah, English: a "known unknown". This is so strange that it's hard to feel any emotion except confusion. Ah, but this is in India. It must be down to one of those "other" Gods... The natives are friendly. I may be covered in soup, but that is true. Crikey. Hmm. They can't do it very much... You have been scooped. About 6 times. Is there a Beat connection? They'll have to go to Iapetus to find the Monolith...


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