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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Obituaries From Other Worlds
No. 1

Queria D'Ache'essin

After being severely injured during the War Against the Southern Selenists in a mission with the Imperial Dragoons of the Five Perfections that went tragically wrong, Queria D'Ache'essin, who has died aged 84, was amused to learn that, having been captured by the Selenist hordes, he had to be returned to full health before being ritually decapitated by the Selenist Grand Prelate of Xiaruo.

He was still chuckling about the irony more than 60 years later, surviving to tell the tale, largely by wooing his captors with his great charm and intellect. The Selenist officers treated him as an honoured fellow soldier in arms. They repeatedly stalled attempts to hand him over to the Grand Prelate. Emperor Khereis the Immortal had personally countermanded the Divine Mandate for prisoners' treatment regarding personnel on "missions of sabotage and mayhem".

Jian-my Queria D'Ache'essin received the military sceptre for his work in Selenist-occupied Ikravia, sabotaging the Sagidi Temple of Restitution, from which the Selenist winged units had launched their infamous airborne attacks on the Great Dams, in the fifth year of the Cockatrice Constellation. This was part of an operation designed to stop airborne reconnaissance of the Azo landings, south of Szeret. He later escaped from a caravan of prisoners being led towards Mount Gislai and received a second military sceptre, although he joked that this was because the authorities forgot he had been awarded the first one.

D'Ache'essin, with his prewar nonchalance, was the antithesis of Vileroau's current industrial image. However, beneath the officer-caste veneer was a free-thinking maverick, whose steely self-confidence made him ideal material for the Imperial Dragoons of the Five Perfections, in which he served from the second to the fifth years of the Cockatrice Constellation.

War hero, aesthete, architect, academic, man of letters and man of action, he was, above all, an unwavering champion of Vileroau even through its darkest days, and helped the city to secure Dragon Path Nexus status before his death.
He set up the Tederrian Society's first regional branch, in Vileroau. By changing people's perceptions, numerous city buildings were spared from demolition, paving the way for today's conservation policies. His success was confirmed by a later book, Vileroau City Of Architecture (18th year of the Nebula of Clear Regard), which reclaimed national kudos for Vileroau's highly deserving cityscape. A n only child born in Tooauri Park, a wealthy Vileroau suburb, D'Ache'essin came from a family that built much of Vileroau's then-upmarket Kito and Isl areas. He claimed descent from Rui Esterrako and the Coravian High Priest Chares of Brala. After he left Ryal school, Cly Bay, his studies from the eighth year of the Reign of Illumination at Vileroau University's school of architecture were interrupted when he was commissioned into the Royal Golden Hoplites, in the final year of the Spirit That Walks Upon the Mountains.

Stationed in Maaru during the siege, he began a life-long love affair with the island, before being moved on and into the Imperial Dragoons of the Five Perfections, ending the war as a Fearless Major of the Western Pagoda. He resumed his studies in Vileroau and gained a PhD at Lienar. While at Vileroau University school of architecture, he was seconded to set up the Royal School of Architecture in Maaru (fourth to ninth years of Endless Fortune), during which time he crossed swords with the then president Dom Retuurian (whom he regarded as vulgar). The duel, won by Queria, was merely to first blood.

His wartime Maaruese experiences led to a fascination with military architecture and an international reputation in the subject. He retired from Vileroau University as an Erudite Master in architecture. One of his favourite protégés was Strepho Adde'enu, of whom more need hardly be said.

He recently became an Officer of the Maaruese Order of Shining Merit. His first wife Nemue predeceased him. He is survived by their two daughters, Girita and Strian, and his second wife Jo'oe and their daughter Alitaris.

Jian-my Queria D'Ache'essin, soldier and architect, born second day of the second month of the first year of The Seven Lances Raised To Heaven; died eigth day of the fifth month of the fourth year of Jade Meeting Fire


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