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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Aw Heck, It's Full Of Stars
Star-reading psychic and three-time Wyoming state rodeo champion Jenning Xylem interprets what the heavens hold for you.

[Aries, 21 March - 19 April]
You are in no position to make demands. But such difficulties haven't stopped you in the past and they won't now, you think. On the contrary, the police have the house surrounded.

[Taurus, 20 April - 20 May]
Over the past week you've had to juggle a tricky combination of practical matters and close relationships. This hasn't been easy. Consequently you'll be concerned by the changes triggered as your ruler Venus joins Mars; next week you'll have to juggle a tricky combination of wine bottles and really sharp forks.

[Gemini, 21 May - 20 June]
Making your own decisions is easy, but that doesn't mean you're anywhere near clever enough to make a wise choice.

[Cancer, June - 22 July]
The last thing you're in the mood for is drama involving loved ones. However, they're steadfastly refusing to acknowledge certain issues, such as the fact that the whole family got hired for Dartford Civic Centre's upcoming Ibsen retrospective and there's no backing out now.

[Leo, 23 July - 22 August]
You know that changes are vital, but others are unlikely to be prepared to discuss the future until after the events triggered by Monday's Full Moon. Talk over the options, making your views clear, then retreat until an extended line of supply leaves them vulnerable to a sudden surprise attack from the hills to the south.

[Virgo, 23 August - 22 September]
It's worth keeping in mind that with ruler Mercury retrograde from Tuesday until the end of April, you'll be facing complications. Not only will you need to deal with the same confusion and minor errors as everybody else, you'll also be tangling with the fact that your ruler has a much lower boiling point than everybody else's.

[Libra, 23 September - 22 October]
Don't mistake the unsettled feelings in both your personal life and close relationships as reasons for worry. On the contrary, because Monday's Libra Full Moon brings issues such as these to a head, you'll soon realise that the tragic reality of your situation is far more of a cause for worry than any of the vague "feelings" you've been having up until that point.

[Scorpio, 23 October - 21 November]
Nothing is more ridiculous than worrying about issues that could easily be settled. Except baseball.

[Sagittarius, 22 November - 21 December]
However busy you are, it's vital that you spend time with those you care about most. For several weeks, you've been focusing on various plans or projects. The futility of this will become painfully apparent when that Parcelforce lorry cruises over you next Thursday.

[Capricorn, 22 December - 19 January]
Because you rarely engage in even a simple debate without thinking things through, you seldom have to relinquish ground to others. However, you're about to get some surprises. One of these is that, contrary to your self-perception, no one else views you as witty and urbane.

[Aquarius, 20 January - 18 Feburary]
Nobody is more loyal to friends and family than you. It's just a shame that you don't really have any.

[Pisces, 19 Feburary - 20 March]
The time has come to put your foot down. It's been several weeks and media interest has waned. No one really cares by just how much of a margin you break the world hopping endurance record.


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